Christy is a proud momma to 9 sweet and very spirited kids - 2 girls and 7 boys. And to answer the next three questions that always follow - yes, yes, and prayer 🙂

Meet the team! From assisting at sessions, and prepping candy and treats, to blog composing, web page proofing and image quality checks to feeding the troops and tucking them in when I’m gone shooting for the evening, Christy Odom Photography is definitely a family business with lots of heart. These cuties are the reason my obsession with photography began almost 20 years ago!

I love photographing families! I love absolutely everything about it! Every family is so unique and quirky and amazing! We all have our challenges and our stresses, good days and bad, but we always have each other. Families are just AWESOME! And sometimes when you’re in the midst of it all, sometimes it’s nice to have a photo on the wall to look at where you’re just all having fun together. Believe me 🙂


So my background and degree is actually in applied math and physics - yep, I’m a math nerd. I thought being a rocket scientist sounded fun! After graduation, I did tech support for software used to make circuit boards. I’m not sure that I was all that helpful..... But then came my most exciting job of all!

In 1998, our little family grew to 3 and I became a MOM! Thus, a mom-tographer was born. I was obsessed with capturing my baby girl’s every move and learning everything I could about lighting, editing, and shooting. And our family kept growing 🙂 I mastered the occasionally needed headswap and all the latest and greatest editing software. By 2006, I had friends and neighbors asking for family photos - yes of course! Let’s go play! How fun!

By 2013, I was getting too busy with sessions for it just to be a hobby anymore, and at the same time, hubby and I started thinking about college for our quickly growing little tribe. Maybe we could do this whole business thing! Win-win! I was also thinking - wow, an excuse to buy more photography equipment 🙂 Yes! With our youngest of 8 just a few months old, I spent 200+ hours immersed in more photography education and training, and Christy Odom Photography was officially born!

We’ve grown to photographing 100 family sessions per year along with a handful of weddings and senior sessions. Our little caboose, Drew, joined us in 2017. We’re all in love! Our oldest two are killing it at BYU Provo in Biostats and Computer Science. And time just keeps speeding up! We’re so thankful to all of our clients who have supported our little adventure. We look forward to many more years of photographing your awesome families!!!! XOXO